You have questions?

We have answers.


When will my content order be ready?

The content writing process takes two steps:

  • File a creative brief that includes the pertinent information we need to assign a story. We call to verify information if we are working with a new client and can help you with our form.
  • Once a story is assigned, it will be ready for review no later than ten working days unless we have trouble contacting a source.

Revising the article and introducing changes to the content piece takes additional time.


How will I know that my content order is written and ready for review?

A notification is sent to the email address that you specified during registration.

How many times can I request changes?

We want you to be satisfied, and we expect there will be some changes in the first draft. Generally, we find clients don’t need more than three discussions to be satisfied.


What form will my content order take?

Your finalized content will have three parts: a word document with suggested media posts, the photos and graphics requested, and a pdf of the word document with pictures and graphics embedded.


How can I request changes in the content piece?

You can request changes in Basecamp Project Manager by leaving a comment on the changes you want, or you may download the copy and resubmit it to basecamp with edits. An editor or the writer will then review the changes and finalize your story. Or you may call us directly with changes.


Can I request a content piece with faster delivery?

There is a 50 percent markup on RUSH on orders, and they can be completed in five days if we are sure the client is available for the interview process.


What if I don’t like the content piece?

If you don’t like the content piece, please request immediate changes. To do so, we need specific feedback about what you don’t like about the article, and we are happy to work with you. Basecamp is our working location for discussion threads.


Where can I see examples of your work?

You can check some examples of articles written by our copywriters here.